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Anxiety among the Generation Y -or those who are born between 1980 and 2000- is reportedly increasing. According to researchers, 1 in 3 Generation Y women and 1 in 10 men have panic attacks. It has been suggested that in today’s time, the college students have greater levels of mental disorders and stress than ever before. The biggest danger of anxiety and depression is the risk of suicide.  This generation has been dubbed as the “The Generation Anxious”.  But why? What is behind this and what can you do to not be a part of the statistics suffering from anxiety and depression because of the pressure of “adulating?”


These list below, listed by Montas Solicitors, are some of the reasons why this generation is experiencing the anxiety of “adulating”.


The economy has been tough. There is a fierce competition brought up by the scarcity of jobs and other resources. These reasons, among things, are the causes of why the Generation Y gets worried about an uncertain future and therefore they get depressed even just thinking about it. Generations before have had the opportunity to get jobs after high school and after college. But today, even those with college degrees even struggle getting employed. But don’t fret, although there are still marketable degrees, they are only for those who took up engineering and those who are in the sciences. Those who are on the liberal arts however, not so much.

Problems on Education, Health and etc.

There has been a lot of reports about terrorist threats, an increase in crime statistics, corruption, the troubled education and health systems among other things are what worries the generation y. People in Generation Y are so focused on doing what they can do to make a difference in the changing world. It has made them anxious about battling all the problems that is prevalent in the status quo.

Technology Overload

Technology has been an integral part of the Generation Y’s life. According to research, the Generation Y have been spending at least 10 hours a day on their cellphones. This constant connectivity using the technology have breed comparisons and increased the pressure to compete and keep up, not only with their friends, but also with the likes of celebrities their age, like Kendall and Kylie. It has breed the fear of missing out from what is recently happening and from what their peers are doing.

The Y Genes

Although it has been proven that anxiety can be genetic and plays a big part in your temperament, your upbringing plays a bigger role on it too. Generation Y have parents that raised them with constant praising and treats to build self-esteem. This had led them to worry about letting them down by not fulfilling what is expected of them. Also some of the parents may have been over-protective and neglectful, and the generation might feel unable to cope up with it growing up.

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